About Us

The Practice is all about trust and transparency. As with other emerging markets, we accept that the CBD industry can be somewhat of a minefield and understand the difficulties associated with finding a reputable source from which to obtain the highest quality product available. Our aim is to provide all of our customers with a sustainable partner, focused entirely on assisting and accompanying them throughout their CBD journey. 


We believe that this starts with an effort to inform oneself of all the benefits associated with incorporating CBD into your daily routine. As such, our goal is to provide you with all the reliable information necessary, in order to determine how best to approach or develop your own CBD experience. As long term users of CBD, we believe passionately in the powerful, life-enhancing qualities of hemp technology. However, in attempting to establish the truth amongst the swathes of information available out there, we too have faced challenges. 


The Practice CBD Oil Box


Whilst there are many excellent and dependable sources, we recognise that there is an absence of cohesion and community within the industry. It is our hope therefore, to create a safe space that caters to both curious first time users and more seasoned CBD practitioners. An all inclusive space underpinned by education, transparency, unity and a ubiquitous growth-mindset. 


Our innovative range of hemp-based products are responsibly sourced for customers seeking a greater quality of life through CBD. Our suppliers are some of the world’s leading innovators in this space and are at the cutting edge of organic cultivation, research and development of hemp-based wellness solutions globally. 


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All of our partners take great pride and care in their research and every facet of their work. This unrivalled commitment to innovative cannabinoid science, coupled with our dedication to our work and due diligence means we are able to periodically control the process of producing exceptional ingredients. The result, our ever-evolving range of consistent, credible and fully certified CBD products. 


We hope you share the same enthusiasm for these products and we welcome the opportunity for discussions with our customers which, we hope give rise to new ideas, knowledge sharing and the proliferation of a transparent and sustainable focus within our CBD community. 


Welcome to The Practice!